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Printing Films

See below for information on all the amazing print effects we can offer.

3D Techno

Nothing else like it on the market.

Add dimension and texture to any design.

Create authentic appliqué looks without embroidery.

3D XPD has a bubble look which is slightly different to the flatter look of 3D Techno. 

3D Techno doesn't crack like screen printing inks.

Colorprint Crystal PU

Transparent material suitable for White garments.

Colorprint Crystal provides great flexibility.

Available in a matt and gloss finish.

Colorprint PU

Very durable and prints will retain their colour even after several washes.

Thinnest digital product on the market. 

Available in a matt & gloss finish. 

Suitable for cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends & lycra

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Easy Transfer

White Matt finish.

Adheres to Cotton,Polyester and Poly/Cotton blends.

PS Electric

A metallic look with great wash ability. 

Fashion film is very thin and soft,making it feel like part of the garment. 

Also adheres to leather but not nylon.

13 bright colours to choose from. 

Colours that screen printers cannot re-create. 

PS Extra & Colorprint Extra

Designed for use on Nylons,waterproof and hard to stick textiles & Leather.

Can be used on PVC Banners,Umbrellas,Coats & Bags.

Provides many solutions.

PS Film & Extra

Very thin and bonds with garments extremely well. 

With its thin finish it is ideal for overlaying. 

Reliability in colour fastness and washing resistance. 

Suitable for cotton, polyesters and poly/cotton blends.

PS Hi Tech

Great for those heat sensitive garments and bags.

PS Lumen

Glow in the dark.

Ideal for decorative costumes,holiday T-Shirts,or any garment that needs to stand out in the dark.

Great for kids clothes and anyone wanting a different effect.

One colour only (Off White which gives off a Green glow)

PS Metallic

Recommended for promotions.

Great for creating a special effect.

Limited washes before cracking.

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