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We can print almost any type of garment with a wide range of colours and effects.


Hats/Caps & Bags

Our unique process allows us to print on all sorts of hats,caps and bags. Check out from our apparel suppliers the many different styles of hats & caps available. There are a multitude of design options available to suit your sporting team or business requirements. For example: you may want a baggy green cap equivalent for your..

Polo Shirts

We at Auslyn Promotions printagarment can print a variety of designs,colours and films on Polo Shirts. Ideal for retail uniforms, special events and corporate days. Create your own Image and brand,whether it be for a club,team,business or promotion. Choose from a huge range of colours and Polo styles available from our reputable appare..

T-Shirts & Singlets

Auslyn Promotions printagarment offers a wide and extensive variety of printing designs and effects for T-Shirts & Singlets. With the many Films & Effects available on the market today,we are able to create stunning custom designs to suit all your requirements. Check out our apparel suppliers quality brands for the style,colour,..

Work/Safety Wear

Create a safe workplace environment with the appropriate Work and Hi-Visibility Wear. Have your company logo and name printed or embroidered on the many different garments available. Garments such as Polo's,T-Shirts,Singlets,Vests,Shorts & Trousers,Shirts,Jackets and Overalls. Click on the gallery images below ..

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