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T-Shirts & Singlets

Auslyn Promotions printagarment offers a wide and extensive variety of printing designs and effects for T-Shirts & Singlets.

With the many Films & Effects available on the market today,we are able to create stunning custom designs to suit all your requirements.

Check out our apparel suppliers quality brands for the style,colour,impeccable print-ability,durability & fit to compliment your chosen design.  

NOTE: When choosing a film or print please make sure you check which Garment best suits this application.

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Suitable Films & Effects for T-Shirts & Singlets:

Colorprint Crystal PU

Transparent material suitable for White garments. Colorprint Crystal provides great flexibil..

Colorprint PU

Very durable and prints will retain their colour even after several washes. Thinnest d..

Easy Transfer

White Matt finish. Adheres to Cotton,Polyester and Poly/Cotton blends...

PS Electric

A metallic look with great wash ability. Fashion film is very thin and soft,making it..

PS Film & Extra

Very thin and bonds with garments extremely well. With its thin finish it is ideal fo..

PS Hi Tech

Great for those heat sensitive garments and bags...

PS Lumen

Glow in the dark. Ideal for decorative costumes,holiday T-Shirts,or any garment that needs t..

PS Metallic

Recommended for promotions. Great for creating a special effect. Limited washes before c..

PS Perforated

Great for uniforms and sports wear. Mainly used for custom perforated names & numbers. ..

PS Stretch

Great Stretch and rebound properties. Ideal for Lycra,leather,cotton & polyester. ..

PS Subli

Ideal for sports garments. Great for names & numbers. Stops dye migration coming thr..

Soft Print

Suitable for white or light coloured garments only-in cotton,polyester,Lycra and blends of these..

Sublithin Matt LT

Widely used by professional sporting clubs in Australia. Thinnest sub blocker on the ..

Vernice & Glitter

Specifically designed for fashion industry. Perfect for dance and cheer wear or any w..


Great for sports names,numbers and many other logos. Ideal for cottons,polyesters and lightl..

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